Karyn cares.

In Austin, Karyn will work to promote:

  • Fiscal Accountability to the Taxpayer
  • Reasonable and Transparent Budgets
  • Free Enterprise and Opportunity Expansion
  • Property Owners and Property Rights
  • Property Tax and Appraisal System Relief
  • “Public Free Schools” Advancement
  • Charter School Accountability
  • Education and Teacher Funding
  • Civics and Financial Literacy Education
  • Foster Care System Reform
  • More Funds to Serve People with Disabilities
  • Protections of Speech and Religion
  • Rights of Privacy and to Bear Arms
  • The Unborn and the Terminally Ill
  • Justice Reform and Justice for All
  • Innovations to Reduce Recidivism
  • Higher Standards for Law Enforcement
  • Well-defined, Appropriate Government