What is District 115?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Cities are in the District?
  • What is the Demographic Profile of the District?
  • Why is Karyn running for office?

    Texas has been my home since Day One, and Texans are my people. I’ve spent my entire adult life serving the public of Texas in one way or another. I’ve worked with people of all ages, races, economic levels and beliefs to solve problems and meet needs. There’s nothing I’d rather do than serve the people of our great state.

    Texas didn’t become great by accident. It’s from years of intentionality, hard work and conservative leadership. I want to further this leadership legacy by working in the State House of Representatives, to keep Texas strong for my family and fellow Texans.

    It’s not easy to lead in today’s times, but I’m willing and eager. It would be an honor to serve my community – the people of House District 115, where I’ve lived for 21 years – as our next State Representative

  • What does Karyn stand for?
    • Strong Families and Quality Education
    • Personal Responsibility and Hard Work
    • Limited Government and Reduced Regulations
    • Balanced Budgets and Conservative Spending
    • Low Taxes and Engaged Taxpayers
    • Property Rights and Owner Protections
    • Constitutional Freedom and Life Preservation