Texans for Karyn

These Texans are for Karyn, because Karyn is for Texans!

Endorsed by

Endorsed by

The Honorable Greg Abbott, Governor of the State of Texas

The Honorable Sid Miller, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture

The Honorable Dan Flynn, State Representative – District 2, Chairman of House Committee on Defense and Veterans Affairs

The Honorable Mayes Middleton, State Representative – District 23

The Honorable Bill Zedler, State Representative – District 96

The Honorable Rodney Anderson, Former State Representative – District 105, Current Dallas County Republican Party Chairman

The Honorable Cindy Burkett, Former State Representative – District 113, Current DCCRW President

The Honorable J.J. Koch, Dallas County Commissioner, District 2

William “Bill” Glancy, Former Mayor, City of Farmers Branch

Beth Van Duyne, Former Mayor, City of Irving

Ron Branson, Former Mayor, City of  Carrollton

Bob Phelps, Former Mayor, City of Farmers Branch, and Dee Phelps

John Sutter, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Carrollton

Oscar Ward, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Irving

Terry Lynne, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem, City of Farmers Branch

Mike Bomgardner, Councilmember, District 5, City of Farmers Branch

Lily Bao, Council Member, Place 7, City of Plano

Gary Roden, Council Member, Place 4, City of Coppell

Al Zapanta, Councilman, Place 6, City of Irving

Wes Mays, Council Member, Place 3, City of Coppell, and Linda Mays

Brad LaMorgese, Former Councilman, City of Irving

Lisa Sutter, Former Councilmember, City of Carrollton

Farmers Branch Police Officer Association

Randy Schackmann, Member, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD School Board, and Ruth

Dianne Miller, Former Vice President, Coppell ISD School Board, and Bob Miller

Lt. Col. Allen West, Chairman, Republican Party of Texas

J. T. Edwards, SREC Committeeman, SD 11

Susan Fountain, SREC Committeewoman, SD 16

Rhonda Lacy, SREC Committeewoman, SD 31

Jeff Varnell, Precinct Chair #2809; Immediate Past Chairman, Coppell Chamber of Commerce, and Pam Varnell

Kit Whitehill, Precinct Chair #2803; First Vice President, Texas Federation of Republican Women; President, Coppell Republican Women

Mac Smith, Precinct Chair #2006

Jan Bourke, Precinct Chair #2301

Clay Russell, Precinct Chair #2310

Sharon Kappers, Precinct Chair #2604

Thomas Burrows, Precinct Chair #2802

Bill Hurlbert, Precinct Chair #2805

Carmen Prince, Precinct Chair #3023

Peter Schroer, Precinct Chair #3308

Johnny Lopez, Precinct Chair #4608, and Margaret Lopez

The Honorable Yusuf Farran, Chairman, Texas Credit Union Commission

Glynis Chester, President, Texas Federation of Republican Women

William “Buddy” Echols, Former Superintendent, Coppell ISD

Vonita White, Former Assistant Superintendent, Coppell ISD

Jimmy Spann, Former High School Principal, Coppell ISD

Sharon Prince, Former Associate Principal, Coppell ISD

Cheryl Locklear, Former Elementary Principal, Coppell ISD

Mike Del Valle, President, Friends of the Branch

Bill Wallace, Founder, Success North Dallas

Clay Boatright, Past President, Arc of Texas, and Carole Boatright

“Texas Tre” Williams

Hispanics Against Socialism

Texas Right to Life

Texas Alliance for Life

NFIB, TX PAC (National Federation of Independent Business)

Texans for Toll-free Highways

Coppell Republican Women

Irving Republican Women

Montgomery County Republican Women

Preston West Republican Women

Pam and Steve Parker

Lorraine and Robert Carroll

Kathy and Lyle Land

Lisa and Bob Armstrong

Jonica and Greg Cason

Paige and Grant Yaney

Susan and Dr. Richard Watson

Janet and Fred Pattison

Livia Liu Francis

John Jun

Dr. Greg Gemoules

Michael Biavati

Sallye Bales

Constance Goram-Stanton

Devonna Hunter

Stephany and Daniel Garcelon

Mike and Beth Wilcox

Angela Miller

Beverly Carothers

Dr. Steve Nguyen

Duke Machado

Juanell and James Teague

Kim Locus

Sandy McDonough

Debbi Stringfield

Annette Ratliff

Marty Forte’

Kerry Gaines

Deborah Fox

Corrine Miklosh

Donna Criswell

Patti Johnson

Glenda Perkins

Lara Dulaney

Diane Dees

Calli Oswald

Amanda and Brian Nail

Joe Shirley

Nic Rady

Steven Morrison

Greg Ferguson

Tracy Poe

Stephen Meng

Jane and John Sellars

Maureen Vanacore and Randy Kemberling

Lynell Huffmaster

Stacy Gibson

Frank and Ellen Theilen

Susan Friedrich

Marsha Pestrue

Latania Page

Charles Cargill

Misty Salvie

John Hickman

Carol and Bruce Latshaw

Dr. Steven A. (Tony) Swaldi

Marla Gaffner

Alex Sagcal

Gene Tuckness

Venky Venkatraman

Keenan Williams

Sharon Clark

Susan Cohrs

Dr. Joyce Benoit

Clarin Gniffke

Steve Childress

Dr. Danice Couch

Bernard and Connie Hewett

Anthony Anderson, Sr.

Randy Truesdell

Vicki Harrison

Michael Harrison

Sharon Osterhout

Dr. Frank and Ellen Theilen

Colby Smith

Donna and A J Johnson

Tim O’Hare

David Koch

Davin Bernstein

Jean Shiflett

Howard and Mona Logan

Jordan Logan

Mary and Charlie Alsmiller

David Dodd

Robin Olney

Katie Troy-Rucker

Samuel Gordel

Paul Hudson

Diana Pearlman

Collene Goodman

Denise Rives

Cindy and Glenn Bishop

Celeste Wang

Grant Yancy

Dr. Trent Elliott

Doc and Vera Gibbs

Patricia Howay

Jerry Sheaks

Phillip Cervantes, Jr.

Kurt and Tena Jones

Jason Li

Randy Smith

David Apple

Clay Phillips

Michelle LaFountain