The Coronavirus Culture: A Healthy Attitude in Unhealthy Times

In this new Coronavirus culture, I’m observing two primary attitudes. One is of panic, seen in the hoarding instincts of people. The second is complacency, seen in media jabs at leaders’ decisions to “lockdown” the planet. But a better attitude to adopt has been demonstrated by Governor Abbott, President Trump and other leaders, who are listening to experts and responding calmly to curtail the pandemic. And yes, it is a pandemic.

I read a very lengthy post by a reputable source that opened my eyes. It’s too full of facts and numbers for most. But the underlying message is what’s most important, so I’ll share a summary.

First, an excerpt:

“This virus has only existed on the planet for about 106 days. It started in one city in China and it has only been outside of China for 63 days in which time it has spread to 146 countries. It takes about 49 days of community-spread to see the first fatality. Across the United States, our first clear point of infection seems to be the Seattle area which is why they already have 40 deaths.”

An unknowingly infected person will likely spread the virus to several other persons each day that he is not isolated. So he unintentionally spreads it to many persons over several days until he recognizes he is ill. Each of those persons infected then passes it on to others by the same rate. “And so on, and so on, and so on.” (Remember that old TV commercial?)

It’s a matter of multiplication over time. The virus has only been confirmed on U.S. soil for a short time, and in the DFW area for even less. Government responses seem to be inappropriate compared to current numbers. But experts know what’s coming, so our officials are doing what they can to limit the spread.

Be smart. Avoid both panic and complacency. Adopt the better attitude. Listen to experts and heed the warnings of leaders. Take precautions and remain level-headed. Self-isolate as much as possible. Above all, pray for health, wisdom and peace for all.